Our Services

Mining Engineering

Consulting services, feasibility, conducting and the potential of minerals, Survey, Investigation, planning, exploration, preparation, designs, discovery, and perform exploratory studies, etc. the preparation of geological map, vitamins, minerals and ...

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Tests of building materials and resistance

Laboratory services and quality control of construction materials ( include a variety of chemical and physical tests on cement, tests of building materials, such as compressive strength and flexural brick, mosaic, etc. a variety of experiments, chemical materials, etc. tests related to the fresh concrete and hardened concrete, and .....)

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Geology and Earthquake Engineering

Consulting services e.g. geological surveying, sections, general geology and geological engineering for the project, dam, etc. tunnel, bridge, etc

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Geotechnical Engineering

Consulting, geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics services (interpretation of results and data analysis, soil, design, infrastructure, xHamster candles, etc. structures of the Guardian and retaining walls is to investigate the problem of the soil and ....)

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Recent Projects

TEH-Parand Railway

The theme of the project:Operations, design, supply and construction of the increase rail lines Tehran –Parand first region (EPC)

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North Karaj Highway

The theme of the project:Financing, the layout, the supply of materials, equipment, machinery, and construction of the North Karaj Highway project (EPCF)

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Shabnam Bridge

The theme of the project:Studies, design, procurement of materials and equipment, construction of the Shabnam bridge over Delambre river

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Mahan Underpass

The theme of the project:Financing of the plan & preparation of the materials, machinery, etc. Construction of the Mahan-Azadi non-leveling intersection (Underpass)

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